Rebecca Stepp | ACTC

Rebecca Stepp

Rebecca Stepp leans against a pipe valve and smiles at the camera

I heard about ACTC all through high school. My goal was to come here to complete my basic courses and transfer on to another college, but I accomplished so much more than that. I got my associate’s degree in the APT program as a chemical and power plant operator. There are such amazing professors here, and they helped me in areas where I struggled and helped me go above and beyond in the subjects I knew. I think most positive experiences at the college were the friendships I made, not just with students but with professors.

Rebecca L. Stepp graduated from the ACTC in 2012 with an AAS degree in Applied Process Technologies.  She is an Argillite, KY resident and Greenup County High School 2008 graduate.  She is  working as a tankerman at Marathon Petroleum and is the first woman hired in that area of MAP.