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Ray Kilgore

Ray Kilgore focusing on a the swtichboard near him"After 36 years in retail management, I lost my job due to the economy. I wanted to go back to school in a different field in order to broaden my employability. I picked Industrial Maintenance Technology because you learn a broad range of trades and fields that can take your career many different directions. It had been a while since I had been to college and I was a little concerned about how well I would do. But it has been a very positive experience, and I've made a 4.00 in every class. I've had a great learning experience and have met so many nice people from the admissions office to my instructors to fellow students."

Raymond M. Kilgore is an Industrial Maintenance Technology student from Flatwoods, KY. He graduated from South Point High School in 1974 and is working on a second career.