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Keli Buttery

Keli Buttery stands in front of a ACTC building on a sunny day

I was a little worried at first being as I used to be very shy and hadn't ever auditioned in front of a large group before. Although I must say the way they held auditions made it a lot more comfortable and took pressure as well as nerves off of one's self. I almost chickened out but since I was already there I said "why not?". After singing a few times through and script reading I went home to wait for news. A few days later the cast was posted on the front doors of the theater (although I doubted getting a part it being a first time auditioning) I was shocked to find my name as part of the Company. From there came rehearsals and work calls. I loved every minute of it. The rest of the cast was easy to get along with and made me feel at home. The theater Director and music director were enjoyable to work with and to take notes from. Although a lot of hours of hard work went into place I came away with a very good experience and a feeling of accomplishment. I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing auditioning to do so. You can't let dreams pass you by. I would have hated passing up the opportunity of auditioning and always questioning "What if?". It never hurts to get out there and at least audition. You gain experience and you gain some pretty amazing friends.