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Jessica Cantrell

Jessica Cantrell sits at a desk with a microscope

"After high school I drifted through various low wage jobs with no real goal, but when I became pregnant with my first daughter, it was time to get serious. My goal was to receive a degree or diploma in a short amount of time. The flexibility of online classes helped me get started, and the support of faculty and staff helped me finish my program. My defining moment at ACTC came from a professor who helped me complete work I had missed due to illness. Rather than let me struggle on my own, he cared enough about my success to make sure I made it through. Completing the Surgical Technology program at ACTC gave me the confidence to go further with my education, and now I would like to eventually become a Physician Assistant."



Jessica Ranae Cantrell graduated from ACTC's Surgical Technology Program in 2011 and immediately started work at Cabell Huntington Hospital as an anesthesia technician. An Ashland resident and 2003 Greenup County High School graduate, she is now working on a bachelor's degree in Ecology/Evolutionary Science at Marshall University.