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Amy Thomas

Nurse Amy Thomas checks heartbeat of a patient"It has taken me almost 12 years to get where I am today, which is in my first semester of the RN program.  I first realized that I wanted to become a nurse when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with meningitis at 11 days of age.  We spent the first six weeks of her life and much of the first year in and out of several hospitals.  I could see how the nurses help patients and their families with not only medical care but so many other things.   I knew right then that that was what I wanted to be a part of and that God wanted that for me as well.  I saw that nurses use their medical knowledge to help patients heal, and they use a caring and compassionate attitude while performing their duties.  My daughter is a living miracle.  The meningitis she contracted had a mortality rate of almost 80%.  She not only survived, but she is remarkably health for someone with her medical diagnosis.  After going through all that I knew that becoming a nurse was meant for me."



Amy N. Thomas graduated from ACTC in 2010 with an AAS degree in Nursing. She works as a Registered Nurse at St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington.