Allison Hodge | ACTC

Allison Hodge

When I was in high school it seemed that I could stay up all night to study for a test and the next day I would still get a lower score than I liked. Until I got to ACTC, school was hard. At ACTC, I got all A's my first semester! Just goes to show you that when you like what you are learning, it isn't hard to succeed.

My instructors Rick Collier, Tim McAdams, and Harold Henry were wonderful. They helped me through a lot, not just school related. They really get to know their students and help out in any way they can when they see one of them in a pinch. I always joke that I will ask a lot of stupid questions, but promise to never ask the same one twice. They were very patient and understanding. They never made me feel like I should have known the answer already.