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Education Has Many Facets

December 16, 2016

Student learning at ACTC goes beyond the classroom. So far this month, for example, we have offered a Science Fair for youth, a service learning project for Early College students and a planning seminar for ACTC students. We also had a health awareness event for college faculty and staff and a community Black History program for learners of all ages.

Activities coming up in the next month include two additional Black History Month programs, a Skills USA competition for high school and college students, a Young Men’s Conference for high school boys, an Emerging Technologies Conference for students and community, continuing education classes for licensed professionals, photography and microcomputer classes for adults and information seminars for ACTC students.

As educators, we know that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and we work throughout the year to provide opportunities for individuals to learn new skills, develop new interests and become more informed citizens. Whether or not you are enrolled in credit courses, we offer programs, classes and events that can enrich your life. Please follow our calendar of events for community activities and look on the Workforce Solutions webpage for professional development workshops that make lifelong learning a reality.