Accelerating Opportunity KY

Why Accelerating Opportunity KY?

  • 54% of all jobs in Kentucky (1.1 million jobs) will require some postsecondary training beyond High School in 2018.
  • 71% of students entering KCTCS need remediation in one or more areas.

The Accelerating Opportunity initiative is all about jobs, the economy, and improving opportunity for adults. This initiative is also helping drive economic recovery by helping adults get the credentials and skills they need to get and succeed in family-sustaining jobs. Kentucky's vision is to implement a collaborative career pathways model that prepares students to be college and career ready.

Implementation of Accelerating Opportunity KY began in the spring semester 2014 at Ashland Community and Technical College. The pathway currently being offered is Basic Health Care Foundations.

The goals of Accelerating Opportunity KY are to:

  • Accelerating Opportunity puts students on track to earn college credits and skills necessary to earn a family sustaining wage, at a faster pace than a traditional track, by integrating basic skills with occupational training and additional instructional support.
  • Students can earn credentials in the college's selected programs while having the support of both a technical instructor and an Adult Education instructor present in the classroom.
  • Students will also receive additional assistance in support labs with study skills, math, reading, and writing from one of your instructors.
  • A success coach will assist students with enrolling in the program and succeeding in school.
  • A career coach will assist students with job search activities and referrals.
  • Upon completion of the program, students can chose to continue to earn additional credentials in the pathway or they can chose to pursue employment. Students will always have the option to return to the college to earn additional credentials in the pathway.

What's different with Accelerating Opportunity KY?

  • Must qualify for adult education services by:
    • Scoring between grade levels 6 - 11.9 in any one section of the TABE
    • Providing official documentation of withdrawal from school if between ages 16-18 and not a high school graduate
  • May have a high school diploma, but cannot have a post-secondary credential. Must take the TABE test at their local adult education center if they have not taken the test within the past six months.
  • Note: a participant has to have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for federal financial aid. Other funding opportunities may also be available.

WHO (is a good candidate for Accelerating Opportunity KY)?

Accelerating Opportunity KY is for adults who want to:

  1. Do you still need to earn your high school diploma or GED?
  2. Accelerating Opportunity KY may be for you if you already have your high school diploma or GED but need extra help with basic skills.
  3. Accelerating Opportunity KY may be for you if you want to enroll in college but believe college isn't for you.
  4. Accelerating Opportunity KY may be for you if you want to go to college but need help getting started.
  5. Accelerating Opportunity KY may be for you if you need help with math, reading and/or writing.
  6. Accelerating Opportunity KY may be for you if you need help with study skills.
  7. Accelerating Opportunity KY may be for you if you want training in less than a year that can lead to a high demand job making a living wage.

WHY (be a part of Accelerating Opportunity KY)?

Accelerating Opportunity KY offers students:

  1. Personalized attention and support from ACTC and Adult Education instructors.
  2. Assistance with resume development, job searching, and how to utilize academic/non-academic "wrap-around" services.
  3. A pathway to a better-paying, high-demand job...and a brighter future!
  4. In many cases, college classes at little to no cost through Financial Aid or a variety of other funding streams.

WHAT (can I learn)?

Through Accelerating Opportunity KY at ACTC, students can receive technical training in the following field:

HOW do I qualify?

WHERE (are classes held)?

Health Care Foundations classes are offered at our College Drive Campus.

For more information, contact:

Chrisha Spears
Ashland Community and Technical College
Accelerating Opportunity KY Coordinator
Roberts Drive Campus Office 512


Accelerating Opportunity is a community college initiative of Jobs for the Future, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Kresge Foundation and the Open Society Foundations, and in partnership with Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, the National Council for Workforce Education, and The National College Transition Network. The core partners in the state are Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Kentucky Adult Education and the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training.