ACTC Handicapped Parking Policy

ACTC provides designated parking spaces for disability parking at each of our campuses. These parking spaces are specifically designated for use by those who have permanent or temporary physical impairments that substantially limit mobility. These spaces are clearly marked with the international symbol for accessibility. Students wishing to park in these spaces must apply for an ACTC Disability Parking Permit, which is used alongside a state issued tag/license plate. The ACTC permit will allow campus security to know that the student is using a state tag that is issued to them, and not attempting to use a tag issued to someone else. This type of abuse makes it very difficult for others needing accessible parking to find a space.

To make application for a permit, students must come to the Disability Services office, complete the Application for Disability Parking Permit and present a copy of the registration for their state-issued tag, along with photo ID that verifies that they are the individual to whom the tag was issued.

If students have the appropriate documentation they will be issued a tag immediately. Each tag will have a designated sticker indicating the semester of issue. The student is required to return to Disability Services each semester to receive a new verification sticker. Once copies of a student's registration are on file the Disability Services office can refer to these documents each semester until they expire. If a student's registration expires during the course of a semester they must bring a copy of their new registration to Disability Services to update their file.

ACTC's parking areas are monitored by state and local law enforcement. An ACTC disability parking permit does not excuse students from renewing state issued tags. If students are parked in the accessible parking areas without displaying a state issued tag they can receive a ticket from state and/or local law enforcement.