Tutorials and Instructions

Student Self Service Tutorials

Use the tutorials below to find out how to use PeopleSoft to get enrolled, make payments and more. Do it all without waiting in line.

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Student Center Overview
An overview of the Student Self-Service Center.
The Planner
Plan your degree program and track your progress.
Viewing Academic Requirements
View the academic requirements for your program and find out what classes your still need.
The What-If Report
Thinking about changing your program? Find out what other classes you'll need.
View Your Schedule
Check the list of classes you are taking.
Enroll in a Class
Add a class to your schedule.
Using Waiting Lists
If a class is full you can add yourself to a waiting list in case other students drop the class.
Verify my Enrollment
Check to make sure you are enrolled in a class.
Dropping Classes
Drop a class from your schedule.
Make a Payment
Find out how much you owe and make a payment.
Viewing Financial Aid Information
View and change your financial aid information. Accept loans.
Change Your Personal Information
Change your address or phone number.