Nursing Curriculum

Year One


Class Credit Hours

MAT 150


BIO 137 Human Anatomy and Physiology


PSY 110 General Psychology


DLC 100 Digital Literacy*


NAA 100 Nursing Assistant Skills I**

Total Hours 10

* Documentation of completion ofdigital literacy requirement must be met prior to enrolling in first nursing course.

** IF ADMITTED INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM, documentation of successful completion of a minimum 75-hour nursing assistant course or its equivalent (i.e. completion of nursing fundamentals in another RN program; Army Medic or Navy Corpsman; LPN licensure) is required prior to enrolling in the first nursing course. If the N.A.A. course was completed greater than 2 years prior to admission, it will not meet the requirement unless the applicant has been working full-time as a S.R.N.A. in the last two years to enrollment.


Class Credit Hours
NSG 101 Nursing I 9
BIO 139 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
PSY 223 Developmental Psychology 3
Total Hours 16


Class Credit Hours
NSG 210 Medical Surgical Nursing I 6
NSG 212 Behavioral Health Nursing 3
NSG 215 Pharmacology I 1
COM 252 or COM 181 3
ENG 101 Writing I 3
Total Hours 16

Year Two


Class Credit Hours
NSG 220 Medical Surgical Nursing II 6
NSG 211 Maternal Newborn Nursing 3
BIO 225 Medical Microbiology 4
ENG 102Writing II 3
Total Hours 16


Class Credit Hours
NSG 230 Medical Surgical Nursing III 6
NSG 213 Pediatric Nursing 3
NSG 225 Pharmacology II 1
Heritage/Humanities/Foreign Language 3
Total Hours 13