Math Credit by Examination

A credit by examination test is offered each semester, usually the week before classes start (contact the Math and Natural Sciences Division for the exact date). Examinations take place in room G201 at 5:00 pm.

Students needing credit for MAT 055, MAT 065 or MAT 085 will need to follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Obtain a credit by exam form (available in admissions).
  2. Obtain the necessary signatures: Math instructor, Division chair (Nicole Griffith-Green), and Academic Dean (Janie Kitchen).
  3. Take the form to the Admissions Office to have the examination fee assessed.
  4. Pay the $20 fee at the cashier's window.
  5. Show up on examination day with a picture ID and bring the completed form with you.

Study the related study guide for the course you want to take the bypass examination for.

  • Students achieving 70% or above on the exam will be awarded credit for that course.
  • Note: MAT 065 includes an additional factoring assessment.

Study Guides