Costs and Financial Aid

2012-2013 KCTCS Required Documentation

Records or documentation KCTCS Colleges may require for 2012-2013 Award Year

In addition to needing information for completing the FAFSA, you may also be required to complete and/or furnish the following forms or information to the financial aid office.

  • Institutional Personal Information form (Varies by KCTCS institution. This form may be picked up from the college financial aid office for those college requiring the form.)
  • Your driver's license and social security card
  • W-2 Forms and other records on money earned in 2011
  • 2011 tax transcript¬†
  • Records of untaxed income, such as welfare, social security, AFDC or ADC, or veterans benefits
  • Current bank statement
  • Current mortgage information for properties other than your home
  • Business and farm records
  • Records of stocks, bonds, and other investments
  • Copies of documentation showing your (your spouse's if applicable) or your parents (if applicable) Child support amounts received or paid-out during 2011.
  • Copied of documentation showing any other income or benefits not mentioned above or reflected in your and your spouse's or your parent(s) 2011 income tax forms
  • A copy of your high school transcript or GED (statement of proof) or (if applicable) transcripts form other colleges attended must be on file in the college financial aid or Admissions office.

In Addition:

  • Any students selected for review in a process called "Verification" must complete a Verification Worksheet. The¬†Verification Worksheet (PDF/150K) can be downloaded for the KCTCS financial aid website or picked up from the financial aid office.