Kentucky Nurse Aide Testing Information

Registration Information – How do you register?

Registration for the Nurse Aide Exam at Ashland Community & Technical College is a 4-Step process.  You must complete all steps before your exam registration is confirmed.

STEP 1 – Request a Schedule

Send an email to and request a schedule of test dates.

STEP 2 – Provide Information

Once you have received a list of test dates, when you are ready to schedule your date, email the following information to AS_WORKFORCE@KCTCS.EDU

  • Name
  • KCTCS Student ID
  • Date you would like to take the exam
  • Date of Birth
  • Training Location (Where did you complete the SRNA course?)
  • Training Completion Date
  • Name of your Instructor for the course
  • Indicate whether you are taking the exam for the first time or retaking a portion (skills or written, or both)
  • Who will be responsible for paying for your exam? (Self-Pay or Paid by a Third Party organization or Employer)
  • Are you able to confirm your Social Security Card is not laminated and you have a valid Driver's License with the correct name and address?

NOTE: Providing this information does not confirm your spot in the requested test date. Your seat in the test will not be confirmed until ALL the steps are completed.

STEP 3 – Submit Documentation

Once you receive a confirmation from ACTC that your registration for the exam has been processed, Please take your Student ID number to the cashier window (College Drive or Technology Drive Campus) and pay for the exam. (Please see Frequently Asked Questions below if your employer or another organization is payment for your exam.)

You do not have a confirmed “seat” on the requested nurse aide exam date until you have sent us the following information:

    (Students who complete their Nurse Aide Training at ACTC are not required to provide test rosters as we have record of their completion in our system.)

    The following is required documentation we must receive PRIOR to scheduling you for an exam:
    1. Students who trained somewhere other than ACTC, must provide a copy of the test roster from that facility. You will need to obtain a test roster from that facility completed with your name, SSN, Date of completion and training provider information and it MUST be signed by the coordinator for that training facility.
    2. Students who are taking the exam after completing a Nursing Fundamental course will need to provide an official Transcript. Please provide an unopened, official copy of transcripts from the school where you completed the Nursing Fundamentals course.
  2. PROOF OF PAYMENT – A copy of one of the following MUST be submitted PRIOR to receiving confirmation of a test date.
    1. Copy of Receipt of Payment from ACTC Cashier/Business Office
    2. A letter of intent to pay from your employer or another organization (on their letterhead or in an email) stating they will be paying for your exam.

      Please send the documentation to:
      Fax: 606-644-0810

You also need to confirm that your Social Security Card is not laminated and you have a Driver’s License (or other state issued ID) to present on testing day.

STEP 4 – Reserve/Confirm Date

Have you done the following?

  • Completed registration (Step 2)
  • Provided required documentation (Test Roster and Proof of Payment - Step 3)
  • Confirmed you have a non-laminated Social Security Card and Driver's License (or other State-issued ID card that have matching names
If yes, Please notify us via email at that you have completed all the steps and would like to reserve your spot on the next available test date that works with your schedule. Once we confirm we have all required documentation, you will receive a final confirmation for your test date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take the Nurse Aide exam?

Per the State of Kentucky guidelines, “An individual who is not employed as a nurse aide shall have one (1) year from the completion of a nurse aide training or fundamentals of nursing course to successfully complete the competency evaluation exam.” Therefore, if your training completion date is over one (1) year, you will be required to repeat the training to become eligible to take the exam.

How much does it cost to take the KY Nurse Aide Test?

Both (Skills and Written) - $75.00
Written only - $15.00
Skills only - $60.00
High School - $50.00

What Types of Payment Are Accepted?

**Cash or card payments only in person on campus before exam (or morning of) date. No Checks accepted for testing fees**

What if my employer or another agency is paying for the exam?

If a third party is paying for your exam, you MUST SUBMIT A THIRD PARTY LETTER by email l or fax to Robin Harris at:

Fax: (606) 644-0810

Important Information/Required Documentation

On test day, you MUST be able to present the following documentation to the test administrator:

  • Picture ID (Driver’s License or other state-issued picture ID)
  • Social Security Card (Cannot be laminated). This must be your actual Social Security Card. It cannot be a letter from the Social Security Administration or any other form of identification with your social security number on it.
    • Note: Picture ID and Name on the Social Security Card must match exactly.
  • If you did not take the SRNA class within the KCTCS college system (one of the community colleges), you will need to bring a roster or proof that you completed the class with you for verification. If possible, please email a copy of this to prior to test day.
  • If you are taking the exam after completing a nursing fundamentals class you will need to bring an official transcript showing proof of class completion. If possible, please email a copy of this to prior to test day.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel in writing at least 24 hours prior to the test date. Failure to cancel could result in charges remaining on your account with Ashland Community & Technical College.

To cancel in writing: Email with “cancel my testing” in subject line.