Useful Links


  1. Startup Nation: Startup Nation offers entrepreneurial advice from people who have been there and done that — and have the business to prove it.  The site has advice on just about every aspect of creating and running a startup.
  2. IttyBiz: This site is an especially valuable resource if you’re looking to start an online business, but it has a lot of great information on marketing in general.
  3. Lateral Action: For creative types, like graphic designers, writers and such, there are some special challenges that come with running your own business.  Lateral Action offers up advice specially targeted to those fields.
  4. Escape from Cubicle Nation: Leaving a cubicle in favor of starting your own business isn’t easy, but this blog helps support such escapees.
  5. Small Business Labs: It isn’t easy to predict the trends that will affect small business, but Small Business Labs goes the extra mile to help entrepreneurs figure out what’s coming next.

Web Applications

  1. Basecamp: Basecamp is 37signals’ project management tool.  37signals also offer Highrise (CRM) and a few other great tools.
  2. Blinksale: Blinksale is one of the most recommended online options for invoicing. It works well with other tools like PayPal and Basecamp.
  3. Skype: Skype is a popular choice for making phone calls online, but it also provided other tools (like video conferencing) that make it very useful for the small business owner.
  4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an easy way to find contacts for a wide variety of purposes, as well as get answers and advice on all sorts of business topics.
  5. Zoho: For a full suite of business tools, including CRM, invoicing, project management and databases, check out Zoho. All of the tools have at least some level of free use.
  6. RocketLawyer: If you aren’t sure where to start with the legalities of running your own business, RocketLawyer provides free forms as well as help with all sorts of legal documents.
  7. Google Docs: For startups, Google can be the easiest way to share documents, manage your business’ calendar and far more.
  8. Canva: A free dynamic flyer maker. Includes hundreds of templates used to make printable flyers for businesses, parties, clubs, restaurants, and more.

Resource Sites

  1. SBA: The U.S. Small Business Administration provides a wealth of information for entrepreneurs. In general, the SBA’s focus is helping entrepreneurs create long-lived small businesses but there are also some great resources for those who are further along in the process.
  2. Freelancers Union: The Freelancers Union offers a long list of resources for freelancers — and the Union’s definition includes a pretty wide variety of entrepreneurs as freelancers. Among the information you can find on this site is health insurance options that don’t require quite the expense of other non-employer options.
  3. Entrepreneur: For a huge collection of information on starting and running your own business, start with Entrepreneur. The company behind the site also runs Women Entrepreneur: A good resource for women looking at entrepreneurship.
  4. BusinessWeek Small Business: Business Week has been a solid source of business information for years. The magazine’s small business site is an equally solid resource.
  5. Entrepreneurs: offers a regularly updated resource on entrepreneurship. It offers links to all sorts of other resources, both on and elsewhere on the internet.
  6. The site is run by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to provide global resources for entrepreneurs.
  7. A wellspring of knowledge for business and management for professionals.
  8. Best Business Credit Cards: The Simple Dollar's list of the best business credit cards.
  9. How to Make a Website: A step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own website on the WordPress platform. Includes free support.
  10. Free Legal Documents: Online legal service, Upcounsel, has provided a wide variety of free legal documents for small businesses.
  11. Becoming an Entrepreneur: has put together an informative resource that covers topics such as building a business plan, anticipating startup costs, and the requirements of owning a business. In the event that you plan on financing your business with funds obtained by selling annuity payments, you can find information on that here.
  12. How to Start and Run Your Own Business: Contains valuable information and great resources on small business development.
  13. Teaching Kids Business: An informational guide for teaching kids business skills.