Full-length GED Test

The LANGUAGE ARTS, WRITING TEST is a multiple-choice test of several passages followed by questions about sentences within the passage. Some questions will ask you to restate an idea in different words. These questions will check your knowledge of sentence structure, standard usage, punctuation, homonyms, capitalization, spelling and organization. The test has 50 questions and takes 75 minutes to complete.

The LANGUAGE ARTS, ESSAY TEST is a test over your writing and composition skills. You will be given 45 minutes to write approximately 200-250 words on a topic given to you. It will be scored with a four-point guide and combined with the multiple choice test score.

The SOCIAL STUDIES TEST consists of multiple-choice questions about history, civics and government, economics and geography. The test will include at least one excerpt from the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers and landmark Supreme Court cases. It requires that you have some prior knowledge of social studies concepts and emphasizes your ability to think about these concepts. This test has 50 questions and takes 80 minutes.

The SCIENCE TEST consists of multiple-choice questions about physical science, life science and earth and space science as well as the history and nature of Science. This test emphasizes your ability to think about scientific concepts. It has 50 questions and takes 80 minutes to complete.

The LANGUAGE ARTS, READING TEST consists of prose passages of 200-400 words and poetry passages of 8-25 lines. Each passage is followed by 4-9 multiple-choice questions. These questions require you to interpret selections from drama, poetry, prose fiction, non-fiction prose, critical reviews and business documents. This test has 40 questions and takes 65 minutes to complete.

The MATH TEST consists of two parts. A calculator may be used on Part One. Calculators cannot be used on Part Two. Both parts consist of word problems dealing with number operations and number sense, measurement and geometry, data analysis, statistics and probability, and algebra functions and patterns. There are 50 questions on this test and you will have 90 minutes to complete them.

The Adult Education Program hosts a GED graduation/reception each June at the Ashland Community & Technical College (for those who have earned their GED July - May). Graduations caps and gowns are provided and an individual graduate's pictures are taken. It's a time of celebration for the graduate, family and friends!