Success Matters

ACTC has instituted Success Matters - an initiative of quality and completion. Education is the foundation for the future. Success in providing programs than meet national quality stands is important. Success in providing students with the support needed to start and finish a program is important. Success in meeting community needs is important.

Success matters to students, faculty and staff, the business community and area residents – and we are focusing on the steps that lead to success.

Student Access

Success matters to individuals who need more education in order to get a good job, earn a promotion or prepare for a new career.

We provide access

  • Through adult education classes that prepare students for college level work 
  • Through financial aid and scholarships that help with college expenses
  • Through advising services that help students with class choices and career decisions
  • Through dual credit classes that help student earn college credit while in high school

Access means that individuals are able to enter college and begin pursuing of their dreams. For individuals SUCCESS MATTERS.

Student Completion

Success matters to students who have started on a path to career preparation or university transfer.

We support completion

  • Through academic support from faculty who help students understand the material and finish their courses
  • Through advising and counseling services that help students navigate through college requirements and overcome obstacles to completion
  • Through services that include tutoring and mentoring support, career exploration opportunities and leadership development activities.

Completion means that students earn their credentials and move on to jobs or university programs. For students SUCCESS MATTERS.

Business Support

Success matters to area employers who are able to find qualified employees to support their businesses.

We support business and industry

  • Though programs aligned with industry standards and local needs
  • Through workforce classes for employee training and retraining
  • Through job analysis, testing and assessment services

Business support means that local companies can compete and grow. For businesses SUCCESS MATTERS.

Community Development

Success matters area residents who are able to send their children to a local college and know that businesses can find needed training to remain competitive.

We support community development

  • Through personal and professional development courses
  • Through affordable, quality programs
  • Through business incubation, acceleration and training
  • Through theater, art exhibits and other cultural opportunities

Community development means that we enhance the quality of life in our communities. For our communities SUCCESS MATTERS.

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