Box Office and Theatre Policies

Box Office Policies

Patron and Season Ticket Holders reserve tickets by visiting the ACTC Bookstore or calling the Bookstore at our local extension 326.2014 or 1.800.928.4256 ext 62014.  Additional tickets may be purchased in the same manner.   Phone reservations will be held at the door the evening of the performance.

J. B. Sowards Theatre Policies

Performances begin promptly at the advertised times. Late arrivals will be held in the lobby and seated at the discretion of the house manager. Those needing to leave their seat during the performance will be re-seated at the discretion of the house manager.


Please note that there are policies not set by this theatre regarding that it is against the copyright laws governing live stage productions to be broadcast, televised, or electronically transmitted by any means whatsoever, including the internet. Particular emphasis is placed on videotapes or audiotapes of the performance. For the safety of the performers, photographic pictures are also prohibited. Violators of these policies will be asked to leave the theatre and may be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law.

Cell Phones and Pages

Audiences are to silence all cell phones during performances. Please remember that cell phones are wireless communication and can seriously interrupt the wireless sound equipment used by the Theatre during a performance. Your phone conversation could be heard by the entire audience if it shares a frequency used by our wireless microphones. Regularly our booth and backstage headsets hear cell phone conversations. Texting during a performance is strictly prohibited. If you may receive important calls during the performance then please put your phone on vibrate and leave the theatre before returning the call. All others should turn their phones off. Violators of these policies will be asked to leave the theatre.


Live theatre productions are very sensitive to the responses of the audience. Any inappropriate sound for the audience can destroy the atmosphere of a play. We ask that parents consider carefully the nature of the play they wish to attend and whether their child can sit quietly through the entire production. Young people are encouraged to attend and your consideration in this matter will be greatly appreciated by the audience and performers. Strollers cannot be brought into the theatre because of blocking aisles. Infants will not be admitted into the theatre.