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Clarification of Terms for Judging

Purpose: to help understand what judges will look for.

  • Abstract—a brief description 
  • Analysis—Describes the trends of patterns found in the data; may have comments on reasons for trends or patterns 
  • Background Research—diverse, multiple sources, complete citations 
  • Conclusion—based on analysis of data; acceptance or rejection of hypothesis or success of invention/solution; suggestions for further efforts 
  • Data—Quantitative is based on numbers, standard metric units, scale made up by student; Qualitative is in words, descriptions of physical or behavioral changes 
  • Hypothesis—based on background research of what you think will happen Materials—Appropriate with list given 
  • Presentation—neatness, clarity of text, use of images, graphics, tables, and graphs 
  • Procedure—sequential, describes the investigation clearly 
  • Proposed Solution/Invention—references a specific outcome and a measureable change 
  • Testable Question—references a cause and effect relationship and a measurable change 
  • Variables—clearly defined (independent, controlled, dependent); may be worded as “What I changed, what kept the same, what I measured.”