Check Sheets

Helpful Project Information

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Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)

This checklist is provided so that the adult sponsor can review what infor-mation (and therefore which forms) must be provided. The date signed is the date that the sponsor first reviews the project plan before the experi-ment begins.

Student Checklist (1A)

On this page, the student outlines what the project is about. Items that especially need to be clear are the following:

#5 Any project conducted in a similar area of research as previous pro-jects should be considered a continuation. If the project is a continuation, explain on Form 7 as completely as possible how the project will differ from previous experimentation because ONLY a new and different re-search project is allowed. The current year project must demonstrate sig-nificant progress.

#6 Explain when the actual experimental procedure (not the background literature review) will begin and end because ONLY a 12-month project that occurred within the last 18 months before this Intel ISEF is allowed.

#7 Explain where the experimental research will be done: research institu-tion, school, field, home. Universities, research facilities, and industrial settings will require additional documentation on Form 1C to explain what was done at each facility. (Note: Pathogens may NOT be cultured at home.)

#9 Attach a research plan, as outlined in the Research Plan Instructions, which describes the project in detail and answers all applicable questions.