GED Information

Kentucky GED testing regulations require that initial or new applicants shall be certified as "test ready". This requirement is defined as follows: Applicants can be certified as "test ready" by passing all sub-tests (which are one-half the length of the actual GED test) of the GED Official Practice Test. Applicants may not be certified as "test ready" until all sub-tests have been passed. The Ashland/Boyd County Adult Education Program is the state's designated site in Boyd County to administer this test. 

Applicants must pass the official GED practice tests in order to receive an application to take the actual GED test. The Adult Education Program provides these tests. A passing score is needed on each test but one must have an average score of 450 overall with a total of 2250 points. If an applicant passes the five sub-tests with a minimum standard score of 410 but does not attain an average standard score of 450, he/she  shall be eligible to re-take one or more sub-tests in an attempt to raise the overall score.

When one goes to test he/she will need a picture I.D. and an authorized application. When retesting the new OPT scores are needed from the adult learning center. The fee to take the GED test is $65. The GED test is given at Ashland Community & Technical College and the test administrator is Susie Mullins. Tests are given every Wednesday starting at 8:00 a.m. in Room 431 of ACTC's main building. Some Saturday testing is available - a GED testing schedule is available. One to three tests can be taken per day; all five tests cannot be taken in one day at ACTC. An appointment must be made prior to taking the official GED test and the $65 fee must be paid before the test date. Call 326-2193 to schedule a date.