What is SI?

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Supplemental Instruction



Tell Me About Supplemental Instruction 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly study sessions for students taking historically difficult courses.  SI is open to all students who want to improve their understanding of course materials and their grades.  Attendance is voluntary.  It is the chance for you to get together with other students in your class to compare notes, discuss important concepts and learn about study strategies that work.  SI is where it is okay to make mistakes, before the professor tests you on the material.   At each session you will be guided through the course material by your SI leader.  The SI leader is a student who has taken the course previously and been successful. 


Why Should I Attend SI sessions? 

Students who study in a group learn 2 ½ times more than students who study alone.  Students who attend SI sessions regularly usually earn one half to a whole letter grade higher than students who do not attend.  You will develop a better understanding of the course material and develop strategies for studying and learning the material. 


How Does an SI Session Work?  

SI leaders structure the sessions in ways that will guide the students though the course materials.  They do not re-lecture, but develop activities that enable the students to teach each other.  Students may compare notes, develop possible test questions, take informal quizzes and compare readings.  Sometimes students play Jeopardy or bingo using the course materials.  Often students leave the session with a learning tool that will prepare them for upcoming exams.