Application & Admissions

Please note: Students applying for this program should not have an aversion to the sight of blood. Considerable physical stamina is also a requirement due to the necessity of lifting, walking, and standing for long period of time.


When applying for the Surgical Technology program, you must review the Surgical Technology Information presentation and sign the Viewing Verification form. Please submit the form with your application.

Application for the Surgical Technology Program

Admissions Process

To be considered for selection of admission into the Surgical Technology program at Ashland Community and Technical College, each applicant must submit the following credentials by October 1 for admission to the spring semester. (These dates may be extended by the college due to unusual circumstances.)

  1. Application for Admissions to the college. 
  2. Application to the Surgical Technology Program
  3. Official high school transcripts that the applicant has completed an approved 4-year high school curriculum or the GED Certificate.
  4. Official transcripts of all postsecondary education or training.
  5. ACT and/or COMPASS scores above the KCTCS developmental placement level or evidence or completion of prescribed developmental course.
  6. A pre-admission conference is required prior to admission to the surgical technology program.
  7. Documentation of the completion of Surgical Technology program prerequisites with a grade of "C" or greater by the start of the program.
  8. After the applications are complete, students for the program are selected by the Surgical Technology Selective Admission Points system.

Preference may be given to:

  1. Applicants with an ACT composite score of 20 or above, or COMPASS scores in Math (Algebra)- 37 or above, in Reading- 85 or above, and in Writing- 75 or above.
  2. Applicants who have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better (on a 4 point scale) in 10 hours of college credits applicable to the surgical technology program.