Appalachian Studies Program at Ashland Community and Technical College
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Appalachian Studies

The Appalachian Studies certificate will provide students a wide variety of academic directions to follow.  The key components for each option, Humanities 202, 203, and 204, will form the core for the Appalachian Studies certificate and will provide a basic overview of all aspects of Appalachian studies.  Given this core, students can then select a more focused aspect of Appalachian culture to study.

Career Path

ACTC’s Appalachian Studies Certificate is meant to augment career paths in Communications, Creative Writing, Music, Social Science, and Science, thereby making the successful graduate particularly marketable to employers in the Appalachian region.

Admission Requirements

There are no special admission requirements for this program.

Program Length

This program can be completed in two years.

Credentials Offered


Certificate Options

  • Communication Option
  • Creative Writing Option
  • Music Option
  • Science Option
  • Social Science Option

More Information

Laura L. Tussey, M.A.
Assistant Professor, Humanities Division
Ashland Community and Technical College

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