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Writing Placement

General Recommendations (effective Fall 2011):
  • Students may always choose to enroll in a writing class less difficult than suggested by the guidelines if the student wishes to build his/her skills.
  • Writing Faculty may be consulted at all times.

Test Score Placement Information:
Writing Domain
KCTCS Colleges
18 or higher 74-100 43-55   ENG 101
     39-73 38-42   ENC 091
26-38 33-37   ENC 090
25 and below     Refer to Adult Basic
  Education for English

Note:  Students may be advised to enroll in ENC 092 (Writing Laboratory), or ENG 100 or supplemental work defined by the
college concurrent with their enrollment in ENG 101 if they have completed ENC 091 and need the assistance provided
by the writing laboratory.