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Reading Placement

General Recommendations (effective Fall 2011):
  • Students may always choose to enroll in a reading class less difficult than suggested by the guidelines if the student wishes to build his/her skills.
  • Reading Faculty may be consulted at all times.

Test Score Placement Information:
Reading Domain
KCTCS Colleges
20 or higher 85-100 44-55 No reading required  
  83-84 43

Entry-level courses with
concurrent enrollment in
CMS 185, or supplemental
instruction1, 2

     70-82 38-42 RDG 0302
49-69 32-37 RDG 020 
48 and below No score available Refer to Adult Basic
Education for Reading

1 Supplemental instruction, not normally associated with the course, to be developed and provided at the college 
2 After the completion of this option students can move to entry level courses without additional supplemental instruction.