What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

When you are setting up your class schedule, you might notice that some of the classes offer Supplemental Instruction (SI) as a part of that class.  You might ask yourself “What is this SI anyway”?  “How will it benefit me as a student?” 

Supplemental Instruction is an academic support program that targets historically difficult courses.  SI is a non-remedial approach to learning enrichment that increases student performance and retention.  Students attend out of class review sessions that are informal seminars in which they review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools and prepare for exams.  The SI sessions are lead by SI leaders, students who have previously and successfully completed the targeted course.  The SI leaders are right in there with you, attending class, working on assignments and taking notes.  Assistance begins the first week of class, before students encounter academic difficulties.  Students who attend SI sessions have higher test scores, higher final grades and learn skills that make them better students.   

So, when you enroll for classes, consider signing up for a class that includes SI.  You will be glad you did. 

For more information please contact:

        Becky Gehringer -  Supplemental Instruction Specialist/
        Professor of Kinesiology and Health Promotion
        College Drive Campus G216
        (606) 326-2023

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