Disability Services

The Disability Services (DS) office at ACTC exists to make certain that students with disabilities have equal access in all facets of their college experience.  The office provides a variety of assistive services, which are tailored to individual student needs.  Any student with formal documentation of a physical, mental health, and/or learning disability qualifies for services. 

The process of receiving services through Disability Services involves a few simple steps:

  • complete the Disability Services Student Profile and return it to Disability Services
  • provide appropriate documentation of a disability
  • meet with the Disability Services director to discuss individual needs and concerns to best develop a plan of services
  • work with the director to establish how much information you wish to disclose and to whom you wish to disclose it to best facilitate your accommodations

If students request special accommodations in the classroom they will be provided with a formalized notification to take to each instructor detailing the special accommodation needs for that particular course.  It is important to point out while documentation does not have to be provided each semester, students must request accommodations at the beginning of each academic term in which they wish to receive assistance.  It is best to meet with the DS office before classes start each semester so all arrangements can be put in to place early enough to be most effective and helpful.       

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