Academic Advising Center

We're Here to Help

  • Not sure what classes to take next?
  • Can't figure out which math to take first?
  • Don't know what you want to be when you grow up?

Our knowledgeable staff will review your academic history and help you set up a plan to complete your program as soon as possible.

If you are worried about where to begin, we have tests to help you find the classes that will challenge you without overwhelming you.

And we can help you assess your skills and interests to determine the program of study best suited to you.

Programs of Study

KCTCS Catalog 2010-2011

KCTCS Catalog 2009-2010

KCTCS General Education Requirements  

Adult Basic Education

Contact Information:

Cris McDavid, Associate Dean of Advising & Retention
College Drive Campus
Room G114C
Technology Drive Campus
Room 157G
Phone 606-326-2003

Dan Bailey, Advisor Health Occupations Technology/Transfer
College Drive Campus
Room 323B
Phone 606-326-2028

Sheila Marcum, Admissions Advisor
Technology Drive Campus
Room 157F
Phone 606-326-2418

Jim Jagielo, Admissions Advisor
College Drive Campus
Room G114A
Phone 606-326-2196

Jane Layman, Academic Success Advisor
College Drive Campus
Room G114D
Phone 606-326-2149

Anna Doss, Office Assistant
College Drive Campus
Room G114
Phone 606-326-2228

Amanda Cordle, Office Assistant 
Technology Drive Campus
Room 157B
Phone 606-326-2040

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