ACTC Services

ACTC Bookstore    College Drive Campus L A C Computer Lab    College Drive Campus Library

ACTC Bookstore
CDC 157
TDC 153
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Computer Labs
Computer Access Center - CDC G108  
Technology Drive Open Lab - TDC 162
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ACTC Libraries
CDC 2nd Floor of Learning Resource Center
TDC 160
Matthew Onion
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    Disability Services    Career and Job Placement Center

Student Support Services
CDC 217
TDC 157
Megan Horne
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Disability Services
CDC 220
TDC 157
Heather Shelton
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Career and Job Placement
CDC G101
TDC 157
Nancy Menshouse
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Reeady to Work    Academic Success Center   

Ready To Work
CDC 224
TDC 157
Regina Twinam
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  Academic Success Center
CDC G101
TDC 157
Karen George
Academic Advising Center
CDC G114
TDC 157
Cris McDavid
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Veterans Affairs
TDC 157E
Craig Pleasant
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The Study
CDC 215
TDC 146





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