Inclement Weather Policy

Blizzard Pic


As a general rule the College will try to avoid canceling classes because of inclement weather. In the event that weather conditions do necessitate a closing, the following procedures shall be followed:

  • Announcements will be made on all area television stations, including WSAZ-3, WCHS-9, WOWK-13,  WVAH-11, and radio stations, WCMI, WTCR, WOKT, WLGC, WGOH, WSAC, WMKY, WEMM, WKEE, WRVC, WXVK, WKLC, WIROK, WPAY, WMOR, WZZW, WHRD, WDGG, WRVZ and WMLV.
  • In the event of an overnight snowfall, an announcement will be made as early as possible in the morning.
  • An announcement will also be made on the main College telephone system - (606) 326-2000 or   (800) 928-4256.

ACTC serves a large geographic area and weather conditions will be different in different areas. If weather conditions prevent a student from attending class when the college is open, faculty will work with the student on missed assignments. The personal safety of all students, faculty and staff is the first priority.

Evening Students (off campus): Any cancellation of on-campus evening classes will apply as well to the off-campus locations. Consequently, when on-campus classes meet, so will classes at the off-campus sites.


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