New Student Orientation

Welcome to Ashland Community and Technical College's New Student Orientation

Welcome to your College.  Your information session will assist you to plan for your college career and beyond.  If you already know the credential you desire, whether it be a diploma, certificate or degree, our college personnel will be very pleased to assist you in identifying the appropriate course of study which will lead you to the successful completion of your education objective.


If you know that you want to ultimately earn a bachelor’s degree, we can assist you in identifying a wide range of 2+2 agreements – two years at ACTC – earn an associate’s degree and transfer seamlessly to a bachelor’s degree program that will require two more years of study.


The college catalog and student planner are useful tools in assuring a purposeful career pathway.  Above all, stay in college until you reach your goals.  It is our purpose to “retain” you as a successful college student here at ACTC until you realize your dream of accomplishing your desired education.  Good luck!!



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