AdvisorTrac Tutorial: Scheduling Appointments

  1. Go to the Advisor Trac website located at: or at select Current Students and then Advisor Trac under Academic Information. 
  2. Log in using your KCTCS email id and password (NOTE: If you are denied access, bring your student ID to G114 at the College Drive campus or Room 157 at the Technology Drive campus for assistance in making an appointment. You may also contact your advisor to schedule an appointment.)
  3. Click on the “Search Availability” link from the “Student Options” menu.  
  4. Click on the arrow located to the right of the “Center:” field and select the department based on the nature of this appointment. 
  5. To schedule an appointment with the

    Advising Center: Click on the arrow located to the right of the “Consultant” field and choose your assigned advisor. (If the wrong or no advisor is listed or you do not know the name of you advisor, contact the Advising Center at (606) 326-2040 for assistance.)

    Financial Aid Office: Use the drop-down menu under Consultant and select which campus you would like the appointment to be scheduled.
  6. Enter the date or date range, that you would like to be seen, in the From and To fields. You can use the green time range field to select a specific time frame. Otherwise, it will default to the entire day. You can also select a preferred day of the week. 
  7. Click “search.”
  8. A list of available appointment times should appear. 
    Advising Center: If no appointment times are available, you will need to change the date window and search again. If you continue to find no availabilities, you will need to contact your advisor by phone or email to set up an appointment.
    Financial Aid Office: If no appointment times are available, please select a different day. Walk-ins are welcome, however, please be prepared to wait because appointments must be seen as scheduled.
  9. When you find an appointment day and time that fits your schedule, click on that entry.

  10. Using the drop down menu, choose a reason for your visit.
  11. Click on “SAVE” to make the appointment. 
  12. Be sure to EXIT the program after your appointment has been saved by using the “Log Off” button at the top left corner. 
  13. An email is automatically sent to the email address provided in the student’s Advisor Trac Biography.
    The email includes all of the details about the appointment location, time and date and
    how to cancel an appointment (preferred 24 hours in advance). 
  14. If you are unable to attend your appointment, be sure to notify either your Academic Advisor or the Office of Financial Aid (depending on the department of which it was scheduled).

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