Mar 13, 2014 - | 01:10 PM -

More than 1,200 prospective college students of all ages, from primary school to adult, attended the 49 Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) Super Sunday statewide events on February 23.

The focus of Super Sunday is to educate African-American and Latino students and their families about the importance of a college education, in an effort to increase the educational attainment of diverse populations. KCTCS advocates were on hand at each college fair site to provide information on admissions, degree programs, financial aid, transfer opportunities and more.

“We want students to know…Yes, You Can go to college. Yes, You Can get a college degree. And Yes, You Can have a high paying job,” said KCTCS President Michael B. McCall. “Events like Super Sunday are essential to helping students connect with KCTCS advocates who will help them understand the wide range of career and educational offerings available.”

Since the inception of Super Sunday in February 2011, the enrollment of diverse students at KCTCS has steadily increased. African-American, Hispanic and other students of color represent more than 13 percent of KCTCS’ total student enrollment.

Patterned after the highly successful program at California State University, Super Sunday is a systemwide collaborative endeavor that engages the KCTCS Board of Regents, the KCTCS President and all college presidents as well as groups of staff, faculty, students, and alumni from all 16 colleges and the System Office. Now in its fourth year, the planning and execution of this annual initiative emanates from offices of student affairs, cultural diversity and marketing and public relations at both the colleges and system levels. 

To learn more about Super Sunday in Kentucky, visit super-sunday.org.