Federal Work-Study

Under the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program, students can earn money for their education by working part-time, on-campus, while enrolled in school either full or part-time.  If you are awarded a Federal Work-Study, you will earn the current federal minimum wage. Federal Work-Study funds are limited. Employment and/or positions are not guaranteed for all those who qualify or who apply.

FWS awards are deducted from your financial need/cost of attendance and the award is paid to the student via paycheck, per institution pay schedule. If you are awarded a FWS, the award amount listed on your award notification is the maximum you may earn during the award period. You are not guaranteed to earn this amount, but rather is a reasonable estimate of what you should be able to earn.

Your total FWS award depends on:

  1. when you apply;
  2. your level of financial need/cost of attendance;
  3. your school's funding level;
  4. number of hours a week a student can work;
  5. period of employment;
  6. anticipated wage rate; and
  7. a supervisor's willingness to hire you.

If you are interested in the Federal Work-Study program, please complete the following steps...

  1. Complete the FAFSA and your financial aid file at ACTC. You must have unmet financial need in order to qualify for FWS.
  2. Maintain Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by KCTCS.
  3. Apply online for a FWS position here.   
         Choose "Employment Opportunities at ACTC" under Current Job Openings
         Choose "Federal Work Study Program"
         Click "Apply for this position"
         If you have not applied online for a job at ACTC previously, you will need to set up an account.
         Complete the application and submit.
    Please note: You must apply for FWS every year, even if you have been a FWS previously.
  4. Students are responsible for finding a supervisor willing to hire them as a Federal Work-Study employee. Please note: Finding a supervisor who is willing to hire, does not guarantee a Federal Work-Study position.
  5. Successfully complete a background check.

For more information about FWS, please see our Federal Work-Study Checklist.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with further questions.