Admissions and Records/Registrar

Records personnel will adhere to FERPA guidelines and be aware of the institution’s definition of Directory Information.  To insure the security of student information:

Positive identification must be made before student “in person” requests may be acted upon.  (ACTC photo ID is encouraged; Use of KCTCS student email is encouraged; Student signature is required on submitted paperwork)

The Records/Registrars Office ensures the safety and security of the student’s academic record.  If you have questions or records needs, you can contact the Registrars Office.

Registrar Office Staff

Kevin Coots
College Drive Campus, Room 213C
Technology Drive Campus, Room 101D

Jesse Silver
Assistant Registrar
College Drive Campus, Room 216

Barbara Bramblett
Assistant Registrar
Technology Drive Campus 101B
College Drive Campus 222C

Karen Rodehaver
Student Affairs Assistant II
Technology Drive Campus 101

Rose French 
Student Affairs Assistant II
College Drive Campus, Room 216