Are You Ready for College??

Do You Have the Time?

Even taking just one class represents a pretty big commitment of time. In addition to the time you spend in the classroom you will need additional time to read textbooks, do homework, and study for tests. Just traveling to and from class takes time. Fortunately, we are close and accessible and most students discover that finding the time is easier than they thought. Additionally, ACTC offers a large number of online and partially online classes which makes finding the time even easier.

Do You Have the Money?

College is often a big expense, but it doesn't have to be. ACTC is among the best educational values in the area. Not only is our tuition lower than most other local colleges and universities, but our class sizes are smaller. This means you won't be paying a lot of money for a professor you can only see with binoculars.

Do You Have the Skills?

A lot of people think that college isn't for them because they struggled in high school or because high school was so long ago. Well, ACTC offers classes that can bring you up to speed. You'll be working on your degree sooner than you think.